Africans!!!! What a time to be alive

I think football is changing. First it's a famous comeback from Roma against Barcelona and now it's an African making the headlines in the Premier league.
Mohammed Salah scores

Crazy Things Happening in Football

Yesterday Night of Champions league football was a night of the impossible as it is being said in popular series The flash. Liverpool beat Manchester city 2:1 to progress into the semi finals of the UEFA Champions league and to also set a record as the only team to beat a team managed by Pep Guardiola

How to stop making excuses

“I don’t know how.”

“It probably wouldn’t have worked anyways.”

“I’m too busy.”

How often do you catch yourself making excuses. Instead of doing something, you come up with ways to explain your inaction. Excuse-makers are usually seen as weak, lazy or cowardly.

Getting rid of the fear of failure

Fear of failure does not just start, it is gradually instilled when people tell us that don't do this or else.
After awhile you become cautious. Instead of taking action, you seek permission and confirmation.

Don't Live Life to Impress

Hello Guys, it's another working day and as usual, I have come with a word of encouragement that will trigger the inner strength you need to function properly throughout the week.
Today, am going to be talking on Living life

Finding Purpose and Fufiling it

The worst thing that can happen to you is living a life that is devoid of purpose because until you know what you want to achieve in life (purpose), you will just be living life as a

3 Things you do that makes your mind your worst enemy

The mind is designed to be an object or entity that we control. In order to control your mind, you need to know that you are not your mind. For example, people say I am so angry today. This is wrong, you are supposed to say that I have anger in my mind. This is because you are not your mind, you are the boss over your mind. The mind is like a horse that likes to run wild but you have to tame it with caution and show it that you are the boss otherwise, the mind can become your greatest enemy if you do any of the following:
a. You are Your Own Worst Critic

Starve your Distractions, Feed your Focus

A lot of people have problems staying focused in what they do. They tend to give up half way through instead of finishing the whole stuff. The problem is that, when you start something new, your body is not

When you want to stay awake by force.

Watch this hilarious video.....

The season of Love is here

Wow, it's another working day. Happy Monday my blog readers. Yeah... I know it;s been long I posted and i miss you guys.... seriously.

Thank God it's Friday

Wow, it's a Friday, Friday always comes with an added joy because it is the weekend. I know many people are already planning what to do through out the weekend. Remember, everything you do, be a good citizen.